I have been in the communications business for many years.  The irony about that is that most people that I have dealt with in this line of work have difficulty with communications. 

I am no exception.

At times it seems difficult to stop and listen to the people that need what we have to offer.  Plus, in the fast pace world we live in, we often do not even reply.

This has become even more apparent in social media.  It seems as though everyone wants a response as soon as a question is asked.

If you are like me…

Let me tell you a short story about my experience with social media.

I’m not a social media guru.  I have found that social media can not be ignored.  The reason is, how many emails do you open in a day verses how many do you delete?

I was working on trying to build a list for a client, when I came across this problem of no opens and even worse the spam or junk email bucket.

How was I ever going to help with creating a list if the emails did not even get eyes on them?

The answer I found was through conversation.

Instead of just trying to have a large list, I started focusing on conversations, not with who might be considered a customer, but just people.

I found that people don’t want to hear what I threw out to them, they want to have someone listen to what they want and need, then they will respond when you have something to say.

I started looking at this through the eyes of one of the biggest social media platforms…Facebook!

I know, most of you think, that is what my kids are on, or I don’t want to see what so and so is eating today, and I can really careless where someone checked in at!

It is time to rethink this.  First off you have to separate your business from your personal account.  That keeps all your friends and family from seeing post about your business that they may or may not care about.

This separation is done by creating a business account in Facebook.

You then need to create a page for your business.  This allows you to start putting post and content that is different from what you would send to your Aunt June back in Boise.

If you would like to try something kind of fun, I created a scan code that will connect you to my messenger on my Facebook business page.

To scan a Messenger Code, follow the “official Facebook instruction” as I will put here:

  1. Activate the Messenger camera
  2. Press and hold in the viewfinder. A circle will appear.
  3. Center the Messenger Code in the circle.  Messenger will automatically scan the code.

After you get past that my welcome message will come up and state that another message will follow.

This subscribes you to my messenger bot and a sequence that follows.

I will then ask if you would like a messenger bot “Flow” that I use for my e-commerce?

If you want the free flow you then click the button that says, “Flow” and you get a free messenger flow that can be customized to your business.

The flow or sequence allows you to communicate with others in an automated or semi-automated way.

Never let the bot do all your heavy lifting.  It is there so a fast response can be sent.  You then need to follow up and find out what the wants and needs of that individual.

Remember to always state frequently how they can unsubscribe.

If you would like to try it out, scan my code.

PS As a side note, the open rates on Facebook messenger are 90%+ versus email that is give or take 2%-15% if you are good!

My Messenger Business Page Scan Code

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