I want to tell you about a guy I met who changed my life…

Here’s the story…

I made a trip to a high-level conference that that was being attended by incredible marketers and entrepreneurs.

I thought to myself, should I be in the same room as all the talent around me.

Many had come to hear how they could make a change in their own life and carriers.

All were looking for direction and a path to help them pursue their dreams of independence.

It is hard to blaze this trail by yourself, and leave the comfort of a secure job for the world of entrepreneurship.

We all waited with anticipation of what was going to be said…

As soon as our speaker opened his mouth, it was clear that he is a MASTER of marketing!

I had been to a conference before that, where the method of asking the customer what they need and want is the focus of business.

This conference went to another level…

We all wanted to know what was the first thing that needed to be done, to get started on this path?

The name of the speaker is Ryan Levesque.

He’s just released a brand-new book that’s focused on this so important first step, that needs to be done before you take your journey for freedom as an entrepreneur…

Here’s Ryan and I recently when he shared an early release copy of his new book with me (it’s amazing!)

Ryan Levesque and I with the book Choose
Ryan Levesque and I with the book Choose
  • If you’ve ever had the crazy dream to start your own business
  • If you’ve ever dreamed of doing your own thing
  • If you’ve ever failed, or lost it all on something…in a quest to shake the status quo
  • If you have something right now that is changing the world…but you don’t know where to take it next
  • Or if you’re simply trying to figure out what you want to do…
  • And who you want to be when you grow up…then this book is for you

The crazy thing is he’s giving it away for free!  All you have to do is cover a small Shipping & Handling fee.

Because I’m a student of Ryan’s, when you grab it today through my link, he’s letting me hook you up with over $200 of bonuses as well.

So, click on the link below and get your copy!

All my best,

David Proctor

P.S. Also, if you know anyone else in your life who’s ever thought about starting a business, please feel free to share this with them—it might be just what some needs to hear today: http://bit.ly/2sLR9qu

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